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Use the form below to generate a link to send to a person who needs to verify their IP address.

Step 1 - Generate URL.

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Once they review your request and click on the confirmation link, their real IP address / hostname will be automatically sent to your email.

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Purpose: The purpose of VerifyYourIP is to verify an IP address / hostname of another person in an easy and legitimate way. This information can be useful for anyone doing business or research online to verify a physical location of the ISP's server.

Privacy Policy: All collected information is stored in an encrypted form in a secured (US-based) database and will be automatically and periodically removed from the server.

Data Protection: In order to ensure that your data is handled responsibly and in accordance with applicable data protection laws, we will keep this data fully confidential and will not share it with any other parties.

Contact: You are welcome to email us at info => (replace => with @).